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Fitzie The Man

It's been often asked, what kind of person was Fitzie Fitzpatrick. Well, in the ring, he was a killer. Always going for the knockout, Fitzie would say, " knock - em out." Other words described him as, ferocious, savage - like, vindictive, ominous, a real basher. But, what was his demeanor outside the ring and how did he relate with friends and family. It's no secret that Fitzie encountered hardships do to his hearing disability and was teased during his youth. He was aware of his communication limitations, often feeling he was the target of ridicule. A warrior, man of confidence, Fitzie defended himself in and out of the ring.

Fitzie did have a sense of humor and enjoyed playing partial jokes on people he liked. He would smile or grin in a quiet way. Fitzie would say " Hey Champ" when seeing a friend. He like to punch your arm in a playful attempt to say hello. On the other hand, he was a man of little words. Fitzie was brief and to the point; effectively concise, a response so curt as to seem almost rude. This was partly due to his hearing disability, which affects one's ability to speak with normal expression. Fitzie at times was not a patient man and could show a look of anger or frowning disapproval. Fitzie like most professional fighters, was a person to avoid in physical confrontation.

Along with his physical strength, Fitzie demonstrated he processed all the ingredients needed to be a top ranked contender, in the pugilistic world.

Fitzie Training Down


Buck Fitzpatrick Rides Again

Frank Sinatra With Fitzie 1944


Fitzie on his favorite horse, Scout - 1947 

Fitzie's Birth Certificate


Commeration Certificate stating that, at
the time of his death, Fitzie Fitzpatrick was
"The Greatest Boxer in Mountain State History"

Fitzie Meets O'Bannon 


Gym Group

Fitzie - Light Heavyweight


Fitzie's Boxing Club - 1980  

Gordon Stanley Wyle




Main Street


Babe McCoy, Mickey Kilcher, Fitzie and Sparkey Rudolph


Fitzie Ready For A Fight

Backyard Training


Fight fans see Fitzie off
before the Ezzard Charles bout, July ,1947 

Fitzie and son Ronnie 


Fitzie and his wife Linda 

Fitzie and son Ronnie 


Fitzie with his son Ronnie 

Fitzie's Boy's Town Membership


Fitzie's High School Letter 

Fitzie Shopping


Fitzie Having Fun

Fitzie in Oak Hill, WV


Fitzie 1951

Fitzie and Joe Louis 1947 


Fitzie Wins


Fitzie On The Town

Fitzie On Horseback 1947


Pro football player BobWaterman And Fitzie 1944

Micky Kilcher's Cafe 1948


Pitching Hay

Young Fitzie at Romney 


Fitzie At 14 Months

Golden Glove Champ 


Front Row! 

Fitzie With Head Gear And Gloves
At Romney High School


Fomney Football Team
Fitzie - 3rd From the Left
Bottom Row

Fitzie Poster


Fitzie on the cover of Knockout Magazine

Fitzie at the airport


Group Photo 1947

June 20, 1944


Brian as Fitzie
Group Shot

Fitzie On Film against Joe Kahut, 1946 

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