A man standing in front of some trees

Fitzie The Man

It's often been asked what kind of person Fitzie Fitzpatrick was. Well, in the ring, he was a killer. Always going for the knockout, Fitzie would say, “Knock – 'em out.” Other words described him as ferocious, savage-like, vindictive, ominous, a real basher. But what was his demeanor outside the ring, and how did he relate with friends and family? It's no secret that Fitzie encountered hardships due to his hearing disability and was teased during his youth. He was aware of his communication limitations, often feeling he was the target of ridicule. A warrior, and man of confidence, Fitzie defended himself in and out of the ring.

Fitzie did have a sense of humor and enjoyed playing partial jokes on people he liked. He would smile or grin in a quiet way. Fitzie would say, “Hey, Champ,” when seeing a friend. He likes to punch your arm in a playful attempt to say hello. On the other hand, he was a man of little words. Fitzie was brief and to the point, effectively concise, a response so curt as to seem almost rude. This was partly due to his hearing disability, which affects one's ability to speak with normal expression. Fitzie, at times, was not a patient man and could show a look of anger or frowning disapproval. Fitzie, like most professional fighters, was a person to avoid a physical confrontation.

Along with his physical strength, Fitzie demonstrated he processed all the ingredients needed to be a top-ranked contender in the pugilistic world.